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Originally from Africa, the main species of clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella, came to Europe in the early 19th century. In the 20th century it began to wreak havoc in the textile industry and museum collections. Today it is present everywhere in the world.

Clothes moth larvae eat keratin, a protein produced by animals and present in natural fabrics such as wool, fur, feathers or silk. The larvae eat for a very long time, depending on the humidity, temperature and food available, which can span from little more than a month up to two years. When they are more than one centimetre long they make a cocoon.

In the cocoon they become adults and emerge as 8 mm long flying moths with golden brown wings. They live for about three months in this form. They are difficult to see because they do not normally fly during the day as they prefer the dark. 

Each adult female lays more than 100 eggs, taking from five to ten days to hatch in summer and one month in winter. 

To avoid the moth larvae from ruining your clothes and carpets it is recommended to store the clothes clean and without hairs, as the larvae prefer unwashed garments because they contain remains of sweat, food stains or hair. 

To repel these small moths from your wardrobe we recommend using NOVAR LAVENDER MOTH REPELLENT.

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