Serpa Rat

Fresh bait for rats, mice and moles

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What is it?

SERPA RAT is a powerful raticide in the form of fresh bait for rats, mice and moles available in a convenient 200-gr pack.

Fresh bait is the definitive solution, as it incorporates:

  • Greater palatability for rats and mice and therefore greater efficacy
  • Greater safety, as it includes Bitrex in its formula (Unpalatable for humans).
  • For greater safety, the fresh bait is provided in convenient 10-gr bags, indicating that the product is a raticide and therefore toxic for humans.

How does it work?

  • Greater attraction due to its composition and its being a fresh bait.
  • Ingestion.
  • Delayed effect, so it takes action in the rodent’s nest.

How and where is it used?


Distribute the raticide bait close to the nests and in places where there are signs of rodents activity and on their trails, using two or more bags per location.


Outdoors and in open spaces (protected from atmospheric elements) with boxes, roof tiles and feedlots. The bait should be inaccessible to children and pets.

Regularly replace the bait until it is no longer consumed, which indicates that the infestation has been controlled. 


  • Did you know that the smallest rodent in the world is the pigmy mouse, which is 4 cm long?.
  • Did you know that rodents are dentigrade animals, which is to say that they walk on their digits?
  • Did you know that most rodents are nocturnal except some species such as squirrels.