There are more than 4,000 species of roaches, but only 30 types can be found in cities. In Spain, the 3 most common species in cities are:

Blatella germánica  “German roach”

The most common in homes, hotels, restaurants, dining halls, etc. 

As adults they are light brown in colour and measure up to 1.5 cm. Nymphs are similar to adults, but differentiated by the size of their wings, which are smaller and they are much darker, almost black. 

Females carry the ootheca during the entire gestation period; the membrane covering the eggs is very thin and light brown in colour.

Blatta orientalis  “Oriental roach” or “Waterbug”

Known as oriental roach or waterbug, the female measures approximately 30 mm and has wings that are almost useless, the male is less than two centimetres and a half and has wings that span three quarters of its abdomen, but curiously neither of them fly.

Periplaneta americana “American Roach”​ 

Also known as ship roach, the largest, can reach 37 mm and has a reddish colour, both males and females have wings, in the former the wings are longer than the abdomen and in the latter they are practically the same length. 

The female completes the ootheca and then deposits it in damp areas with food; they are adhered to the surface where they are deposited with mouth secretions produced by the female.

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