Ecogel Ant Trap

Trap with fresh bait against ants

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What is it?

Ecogel Ant Trap is the most practical and effective system to eliminate all types of ants both inside and outside your home.

  • Contains fresh bait, much more appetizing and attractive than conventional dry bait traps.
  • A product for domestic use with a professional formula.
  • 4 months of effectiveness.
  • Each box contains 3 traps.
  • A new-generation product that is respectful with the environment.
  • Environmental pollution = 0

How does it work?

  • Ecogel Ant Trap has a powerful attractive and appetizing formula, to attract and be eaten by ants. Its delayed action enables it to be transported by the worker ants (Trophallaxis) to the nest and act inside it. In this manner the queen is eliminated and the colony disappears (The infestation is over).
  • Its special design avoids direct contact of the product with the environment and people, being safer for children and pets. 
  • With a system that keeps the product fresh for longer when open.

How to apply

1. Open the trap.

Separate with your fingers, tearing on the pre-cut line.

2. Activate the trap.

Press the capsule completely until the gel has been deposited in the central compartment.

3. Place the trap where ants have been seen.

Kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, terraces…

Replace Ecogel Ant Trap when it has been consumed.

Where to apply

Use in areas of transit and/or proliferation of ants, close to nests or at places of passage of ants. In case of massive ant presence, use several traps. Do not expose the trap to direct sunlight and protect from the rain, if possible.  


Did you know that the only work of the queen is to lay eggs to increase the number of insects in the colony?.

Did you know that a colony can contain up to 200,000 ants?.

Did you know that the largest nest ever found is in Melbourne, Australia, and it is 100 km long?.

Did you know that an ant is able to lift 50 times its own weight?.