Ecogel Roaches

Syringe with gel insecticide bait system

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What is it?

  • Ecogel Roaches is the most effective system to eliminate a roach problem as it contains strong fresh bait in the form of an extremely palatable insecticide gel, lethal for all types of roaches.
  • Its precise “syringe” system applier enables you to access areas other baits do not reach.
  • It contains Bitrex, a bitter substance that make it unappetizing for people and pets.
  • A product for domestic use with a professional formula.
  • Ecogel Roaches is a new-generation product that is respectful with the environment.
  • Environmental pollution = 0

How does it work?

  • The strong fresh bait in Ecogel attracts roaches and when one of them consumes it, the rest of the nest will be infected, reaching the centre of the nest and eliminating the problem definitively.
  • One drop can eliminate up to 50 roaches.
  • If applied correctly, you will see no more roaches in one week.

How to apply

1. Remove the cap pressing at an angle of 90º.

2. Apply 0.03 gr. drops (Approx. 3 mm in diameter) in affected areas.

3. Replace the cap for future applications (Once open, the tube should be used within 6 months)

Where to apply

  • In areas where you can see traces of roaches and in cracks, grooves, behind furniture, places difficult to access and out of direct contact.
  • Dark and damp places: Under the sink, behind toilets, close to drains…
  • Warm areas: Behind motors, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers…
  • In places where there are remains of food or organic material: Under or behind kitchen cupboards, close to the trash can, in the pantry, basements, interior patios…


  • Did you know that cockroaches can go for long periods without food? Therefore, one of the most widespread hypothesis is that if the human, animal and plant life disappeared by a disaster, cockroaches could survive.
  • Did you know that cockroaches coexisted with dinosaurs? What makes them one of the oldest animals. 
  • Did you know that you can live weeks without a head? Since they have open circulatory systems, so if the wound clots normally not bleed, and breathe through spiracles on the sides of the body.