Ecogel Roach Trap

Trap with fresh bait against roaches

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What is it?

  • Ecogel Roach Trap is the most practical, cleanest and most effective system to eliminate all types of roaches from your home, even the largest.
  • Contains fresh bait, much more appetizing and attractive than the conventional dry bait traps.
  • A trap with a special design for all types and sizes of roaches. 
  • A product for domestic use with a professional formula.
  • 3 months of effectiveness
  • 6 traps per box
  • Ecogel Roach Trap is a new-generation product that is respectful with the environment.
  • Environmental pollution = 0

How does it work?

  • Ecogel Roach Trap is fresh bait with a very powerful formula that is highly appetizing to attract and be eaten by roaches. Its delayed effect enables it to be transported to the nest, acting in the nest to eliminate the whole infestation. 
  • Its special design avoids direct contact of the product with the environment and people, being safer for children and pets. 
  • With a system that keeps the product fresh for longer when open.

How to apply 

1. Open the trap

Cut with your fingers, pressing on the pre-cut line.

2. Activate the trap.

Press the capsule completely until the gel has been deposited in the central compartment.

3. Place the trap where roaches have been seen

Kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, terraces…

In case of light infestation, place 2 traps per room, if the infestation is serious use 4 traps per room.
Replace Ecogel Roach Trap when it has been consumed.

Where to apply

Dark and damp places: Under the sink, behind toilets, close to drains…
Warm areas: Behind motors, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and ovens.
Or in places with remains of food or organic material: Under or behind kitchen cupboards, close to the trash can, in the pantry, basements, interior patios…



  • Did you know that roaches can spend long periods of time without eating? This is the reason for the common idea that if human, animal and vegetable life were to disappear due to a catastrophe, roaches would survive.
  • Did you know that roaches coexisted with the dinosaurs? Making them one of the oldest forms of animal life.
  • Did you know that they can live for weeks without their head? As they have open circulation systems, so that if the injury coagulates they normally do not bleed and breath through the spiracles on the sides of their body.